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Fast Food? More Like Fat Food

Elena Pelse

June 5, 2012

How do you imagine a hamburger looking after 12 years? Covered in mold? Emitting a repulsive odor? Well if your hamburger happens to be from McDonald’s, then it will look nearly identical to a fresh one. Wellness educator...

#Revolution Will Not Be Trending

Jordan Bronson

June 4, 2012

With goofy hashtags, and trending topics about the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, or the latest antics of Charlie Sheen, Twitter may not seem like the most serious of all social networking sites, or one that can bring about...

The First Gay President

Samantha Intili

May 25, 2012

President Obama already made American history once when he was inaugurated in 2008. However, that was not enough for Mr. Obama. He made history yet again on May 9th, 2012 by becoming the first president to openly support gay marria...

Whites Are No Longer the Majority

Samantha Intili

May 22, 2012

In a country with a history full of racial discrimination and prejudice, the Census Bureau has declared that white births are no longer the majority in the United States. In the 12-month period since last July, whites made up...

It’s All in Your Head

Rachel Blinder, Editor

May 15, 2012

The recent death of former NFL linebacker Junior Seau has once again made concussions a heated topic throughout the sports world.  Speculation is that Seau, who shot himself in the chest, may have been suicidal because of the...

Hockey is a Lifestyle, Not a Fight

Rachel Blinder, Editor

May 3, 2012

Whenever you think of the “big three sports” in America, you think of football, basketball and baseball. The fourth sport, hockey, is usually just an afterthought,  so many who are not passionate about the game will not know...

Privacy Continues to Erode

Lauren Smith

April 18, 2012

When it comes to Facebook, it seems everyone takes some caution.  Whether it is concern about what colleges might see, what your family could see, or just something you don’t want public on the internet, there is always the...

Senior Epidemic

Cara McGinley

April 4, 2012

 There is currently an epidemic sweeping the halls of Verona High School, taking out students left and right.  This crippling disease causes extreme apathy, lethargy, lack of concentration and a general lack of interest in academic ...

Republicans Should Be Courting Women, Not Alienating Them

Samantha Intili, Editor

April 3, 2012

In this unpredictable and shaky Republican campaign, there is one thing that has been certain – the main issue to be concerned with is the economy. As it has always been in times of economic crisis, a candidate’s position...

The Rich Get Richer (Unless We Change Tax Policy)

Evan Janssens

March 22, 2012

Today’s anti-tax conservative movement is hardly in tune with twenty first century reality. Republican lawmakers still believe in supply-side fanaticism, and are determined to keep taxes lower for the super-rich, rather than...

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