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How “President’s Day” Came To Be

Nicolette Marno

February 24, 2019

Everyone gets excited for the four-day weekend for President’s day. But what is the true purpose of this holiday? Why do we get off school for it? President’s Day is a holiday only celebrated in the United States of America. It i...

Is Prom Worth It?

Daniela Trujillo

February 24, 2019

Every year, students all over the U.S spend thousands of dollars on one night, the night of nights, the night they’ll remember for the rest of their lives: prom night. For years, prom has slowly integrated itself into the high...

What’s Your Hidden Talent?

Nicolette Marino

February 17, 2019

How well do you really know your Verona High School classmates? Every day you walk through the halls with hundreds of kids, some even your good friends, but some may have talents that they have been hiding. Many people hav...

AP Classes: By Choice or By Pressure?

Erik Bostrom

February 17, 2019

Verona High School prides itself on its academic prowess. Students are pushed into taking honors and AP classes as early as freshman year and are encouraged to continue in these classes throughout the entirety of their high scho...

Gift Ideas for the Family

Allison Naeris

December 22, 2018

Christmas is fast approaching, which means it’s time to get the Christmas gifts for the family. If you are someone who waits till the very last minute to get Christmas gifts, then here is a list of what to get each member of y...

Getting Involved in Your Community During the Holidays

Colleen Dennis

December 22, 2018

In the holiday season, it can be very easy to get wrapped up in all the craziness of wrapping gifts, shopping, and seeing family. While all these things are a big part of the holidays, most people tend to forget what some would ...

The Book or the Movie?

Julia DiGeronimo and Julia Mackey

December 13, 2018

The Outsiders, The Hunger Games, every single Nicholas Sparks movie - three completely different genres of movies that all have one thing in common: they were all based off a book. While books seem to be losing their popularity c...

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