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How to Fight the Winter Blues

Julia Cambreleng

April 24, 2018

So now that spring weather is fast approaching, we all can look forward to the days where we awaken to the sunlight beaming through our shades, and the birds gleefully singing outside our window. But just a couple months before...

18 Things I learned on the road to turning 18

January 24, 2018

Not everyone is going to like you, and that’s Okay: When I was younger, I constantly needed everyone to like me so I could feel validated, and if someone didn’t like me, I’d do anything in my power to make them lik...

Hawkins School Toy Drive

Clare O'Farrell

January 24, 2018

Sadly many students at Hawkins School in Newark do not receive presents under the tree Christmas morning. Luckily Verona High School collects toys to give out to the kids. The Student Council headed down to the school on December ...

What Defines Beauty?

Julianna Spina and Maggie Kousoulou

January 23, 2018

In an age of photoshop, thigh gaps, and thick lips, what defines beauty? Is it the natural physical structure unique to every individual? Or is it the perfection that silicone and plastic surgery help all women achieve? In ...

Seniors’ New Year’s Resolutions

Madisyn Matthews

January 23, 2018

Many Seniors in Verona High School overlook New Year's resolutions, but others try very hard to stick to them and look at them throughout the year. Amber Reed recently had a major injury in basketball where she tore her ACL....

Some Would Put a Bumper Sticker on their Cadillac

Kate Stanisci

November 14, 2017

“Why put a bumper sticker on a Cadillac?” was Coach Mac’s reply when asked if he has ever considered a tattoo.   Mr. Tamburro, who also has no tattoos, thinks that people “should think carefully about putting an...

Top Twelve Drug Store Cosmetics

Erin McNally, Editor in Chief

October 16, 2017

Who says beauty has to be expensive? In this article you’ll find dupes of expensive products, and cheap but great products-a real bang for your buck!   1.Thayer’s Witch Hazel Toner:I absolutely adore this product. ...

Food Truck Festival

Maggie Kousoulou

October 16, 2017

On October 8, 2017, a new tradition began at VHS - the  Food Truck Festival.  The food trucks -including Thai Elephant, Empanada Lady, The French Quarter, Koro Koro, Bro-Ritos, and more - filled the high school parkin...

Las Vegas Shootings:An Inside Look

Julia Cambreleng

October 16, 2017

Tragedy swept over the nation this Sunday, September 30, as a gunman opened fire on a large crowd in Las Vegas  during a country-music concert. The shooter was Stephen Paddock, whose motive for the murderous rampage is st...

Take the Leap: Sleep

Julianna Spina

October 16, 2017

Take the Leap: Sleep It is no secret that nearly every doctor, parent, and teen health magazine has tried to instill the importance of sleep for adolescent development. We have all heard time and time again that teenagers shou...

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