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Harry Goes in his Own Direction

Carleigh Hoimark

May 17, 2017

After years of speculation and rumors of Harry Styles releasing a solo album, he finally did. His self-titled album became available to the public May 12. This is a full length album, featuring ten songs two of which ...

The Supreme Phenomenon

Anthony Cruz

May 12, 2017

I thought it was a little strange when the school nurse, who has kids my age, said to me one day “Ooh I like your hat; I want one of those shirts.”  I look at my hat and realize she is talking about my Supreme bas...

Part Time Disasters

Michelle Lima

May 2, 2017

Whether it’s to raise college funds or to earn cash to stop depending on their parents so heavily, part time jobs for high schoolers common. From babysitting to delivery services, it’s easy for high schoolers to find loca...

Beware of Claims of Magical Instant Weight Loss

Cathleen Paluszek

April 17, 2017

You have probably heard of ridiculous diets that claim to promote instant weight loss, also known as “fad diets.”  False advertising claims of the availability of seemingly magic pills and supplements have contribute...

Before They Were Teachers – Part 1

Michelle Lima

January 24, 2017

Most of us never give a second thought to teachers' lives, past and present, outside of the classroom. It can be difficult to envision them as anything else besides the figures that teach us everything from mathematics to science to ...

2017 Brings Some New Resolutions

January 24, 2017

Better skin. Stay out of trouble. Get more sleep. What do these things all have in common? While many people are sad to leave 2016 behind, some students and teachers plan to change their attitudes as the near year approache...

Fall Fashion

Carleigh Hoimark

November 16, 2016

As the leaves are beginning to turn, so are fashion trends. 2016 is a unique year for fall fashion. So many trends are upon us this fall, whether they be brand new and innovative, or classic throwbacks. Either way, these ...

Freshmen First Impressions

Giuliana Frizzi

October 11, 2016

As the class of 2020 athletes, band members, theatre cast members, future class office holders, and future club members and presidents walk through the main doors of Verona High School, they were filled with expectations and ne...

Your Personality Might be a Result of Your Birth Order

Annaliese Tietjen

May 20, 2016

How does an individual’s personality develop? There is obviously a combination of characteristics and qualities that contribute to someone’s character.  Beliefs, actions, genetics, and responses to various factors can all...

Juggling A Full Time Job and Several Part Time Jobs

Heather Malfettano

May 18, 2016

Many people see being a student as their full-time job. However, being teenagers, we love to have money in our pocket. Let’s face it, we can’t rely on our parents to buy us Chipotle for the rest of our lives (unfortunatel...

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