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VHS Welcomes New History Teacher

Morgan Plessner, Reporter

October 16, 2012

 “I desperately wanted to be a Hillbilly,” jokes Melissa Wallerstein, who has begun to teach AP Government and United States History at VHS. “I was jealous.”  She is talking about her transition from being a Cedar Grove Pan...

Teacher Profile: Ms. Basalyga

Erin Mortara

June 13, 2012

Nicole Basalyga, the maternity leave replacement for graphics teacher Helene McLaughlin, was once a rival Panther, but is now a Hillbilly. Ms. B, as she is known to her students, is a graduate of Cedar Grove High School. When...

Teachers Who Went Here: Mr. Burgess

Brandy Kosinski, Colleen Carr

March 30, 2012

If you haven’t stayed after school until 4:30 doing physics test corrections with Mr. Burgess, consider yourself a minority among the students of VHS. Perhaps this is because tests were what helped Jon Eric Burgess, a VHS 1995...

Teachers Who Went Here: Mr. Powell

Brandy Kosinski, Colleen Carr

March 5, 2012

Most students can recognize Sebastian Powell’s distinguished laugh as he walked down the halls of VHS in 2012, but who would have thought it’s been heard here since his senior year, 1992? Mr. Powell believes he “didn’t...

Teachers Who Went Here: Mrs. E

Brandy Kosinski, Colleen Carr

February 9, 2012

If you open the 1974 VHS yearbook to the senior portraits, Molly Emiliani will not be listed. Instead, try looking for Molly Ritchey. During high school Molly Ritchey was an “A, B” student, who admits that she once got a D...

Teacher Profile: Dr. Smith

Erin Mortara

February 8, 2012

“Are you going to ask me about the Doc’s I wore to my wedding?” questioned Dr. Smith, who was turning out to be an easy interview because she was asking the questions. Replying yes, I found out many more awesome things about...

The Best Three Years of His Life

Lisa Fitzgerald

January 27, 2012

Sitting out from gym class may seem like a waste of time, but for VHS “senior” Troy Locatell, it changed his life. Unable to change for gym in the beginning of his junior year of high school, Troy eagerly searched for something...

Student Profile: Robin Stock

Troy Locatell

January 13, 2012

“People say that I’m like Snooki,” admits Robin Stock, senior at Verona High School, “I guess it’s because I’m like loud and like fun but I dunno. I mean like - I don’t see it.” A walking stereotype, Robin wouldn’t...

Exchange Student Comes from Holland

Amanda Langan

January 3, 2012

She wasn’t born at Saint Barnabas Hospital. She’s not Italian or Irish. She doesn’t have the iPhone. Zita Maas is not your typical VHS student. An exchange student from Holland, Zita has been in the United States since...

Teacher Profile: Sebastian Powell

Erin Mortara

December 23, 2011

"Do you want to know cool things about me? I have a black belt in tae kwon do, I can communicate in Spanish, I’m a good high jump coach but I have never high jumped, and I was once in a band called The Ghosts.” So says...

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