10 Things to Do During Your Senior Year

  1. Go to a football game. During the fall, the football team, cheerleaders, and band all work very hard to be their best at football games. The crowd is rowdy and fun, and the excitement alone is what makes students want to go. It is a rite of passage as a senior to attend at least one football game.


  1. Build friendships that will last a lifetime. Senior year is your last “hoorah” in high school. The people you have gone to school with your entire life will part ways. You will no longer see them every day and vice versa. It is important to build friendships your senior year. You will have friends that will last you a lifetime. Keep your friends close to you.


  1. Do something unpredictable. Step out of your comfort zone. Next year, you will be out of your element in college, so prepare yourself now. Dress how you have always wanted to or go streaking. Do something spontaneous. It is said that the best times in life are often unplanned and spontaneous.


  1. Go to prom. Going to prom is open to juniors and seniors. However, your senior prom is the last dance you will ever have with the people you have grown up with. Get dolled up, have fun, and let loose. This is your senior year!


  1. Get into your dream college. The college process can be very stressful and vigorous. However, reaching your goal of getting into your dream college is such a rewarding feeling. Work your butt off to get what you want. It is okay if you don’t get into your top school, however. You will have many more options, so don’t sweat it.


  1. Participate in Senior Cut Day. Every senior knows about senior cut day. Make the most of it. Plan an epic and fun day for you and your friends. Go to an amusement park or explore the world of Manhattan. You decide.


  1. Help plan the senior prank. Senior pranks are always fun to do and plan. You do not have to be serious your entire senior year. It is okay to have a little fun every now and then. Help come up with a fun idea that your entire graduating class can participate in because you will remember it forever.


  1. Get a job. College is very expensive. Try to help out your parents pay for college necessities as much as you can. Also, save your money; you never know when you are going to need it in the future.


  1. Spend as much time with your family as you can. You have lived with your family your entire life. It is the norm to come home and see them every day. However, while you are at college, you will not see them every day. Spend every moment you can with them and cherish them. You will likely miss them while you’re at college.


  1. Hit the gym. Your senior year is a time for change. You can change your personality, thoughts, way of life, and even looks. Hit the gym and make yourself healthier. Not only will you feel better physically, but you will have so much more confidence. You can show your college what you’re made of.