10 Things Only Short Girls Will Understand

I am almost a legal adult and I am only 5’ ½” tall. Needless to say, I am well on the short side of things and these are just a few problems I’ve experienced in my life as a short girl:

    1. Being used as an armrest– So apparently if you’re anything under 5’2, you are automatically the perfect candidate for being an armrest! If people don’t feel like standing up straight, they can always count on you to be there for them (literally).
    2. Getting asked if you are a legal midget– “No I am not a legal midget!” is a response often heard from short girls. According to the Little People of America’s website, you are only considered a dwarf/midget if you have an adult height of 4’10” or shorter. Short ≠ midget.
    3. Having to push your seat far up for driving– Shorter people tend to have shorter legs, so you constantly have to push your seat up until you’re practically touching the steering wheel! This also annoys your taller family members because they have to push the seat back.
    4. Your feet not touching the ground flat– Honestly, you’re better off just crossing your legs in your seat because most likely you’re not going to get them to touch the ground flat. The only possible way that your feet touch the ground flat is if you’re on the edge of your seat.
    5. You’re practically underwater in the deep end– I love to swim, and this continues to be annoying…I have to lean on my average/taller height friends just to stay afloat and not tread water. Standing on your flat feet means that you’re essentially underwater.
    6. Getting pat/pet on the head– There’s something about short people that just makes you want to pet them or pat them on their head, right? You don’t see this happening to tall people, do you?
    7. Not being taken seriously– “You’re so cute!” is something that short people hear A LOT. Not to say being called cute is bad, but people “can’t” take you seriously when you’re so “cute” or short.
    8. You always get the middle seat– Ahh…the dreaded middle seat. Middle seats usually have the least legroom, so you automatically get shuffled to this seat because you’re short and have the “shortest” legs. So it must be comfortable for you, right?
    9. You’re in the front of every picture– Let’s face it: You’re not going to be seen in the picture if you’re not in the front row. “Short people in the front!” is always heard before any group picture. You internally roll your eyes because you know the “short people” they’re referring to is you.
    10. Anything on top shelves/cabinets– A step stool is a necessity in any kitchen for a short person. Sadly, houses are not made to have cabinets at the 5’00” face level. *sigh*