10 things to do instead of binge watching


  • Go outside and be active


Chances are, you are probably snacking on chips or something and you’ll end up binge eating as you binge watch. Go outside and take in the fresh air, go to the gym, or try out new classes like yoga or spin class. You may find a new hobby!


  • Read a book


Most television series and movies have books. Read the book instead or find a book that you won’t be able to put down!


  • Learn a new language


You would be surprised the capabilities you have! Knowing another language can increase your chances in multiple work fields. Who knows, mayone one day if you travel to France you’ll be able to order your croissant in french.


  • Try out a new recipe


Get in the kitchen and start cooking! Prepare a meal for you family and try making some of your own creations.


  • Go to sleep


You decided to stay in for the night to watch your current tv show on Netflix.  Suddenly it’s 3 a.m. Go to sleep!


  • Get artistic


Use those printed photos around your house to make a scrapbook or grab some acrylic paints and paint something. Not only can you find a new hobby, you can discover a new talent you never knew you had!


  • Study for tests you have later in the week.


Instead of waiting last minute to cram for that English or history test, study nights in advance. You will most likely do better and you won’t stress yourself out.


  • Make a list of goals


Creating goals for yourself is important both in your personal life and outside life. Ask yourself if you are happy with where your life is at. Are there any changes you want to make?


  • Get a job


Why would you slug around all day binge watching tv when you could be making money in that time?


  • Catch up with a long lost friend


We all have a friend or two who drifted for some inexcusable reason whether it be a busy day to day life or school. Send them a text or call them to meet up to get lunch or grab a coffee.