Top 10 Gifts for a Grab Bag or Secret Santa

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Here is a list 0f gift ideas for your “Secret Santa” exchange or grab bag this holiday season. Some of these gifts are so universally loved that they can be gifted to someone of any gender or age.

10. Gift card

Who doesn’t love free money? The best thing about giving someone a gift card is that it is simple to apply the spending limits of your specific gift exchange to this gift. Some people may call this the easy way out, but it can still be a thoughtful gift. If you know someone drinks coffee religiously, a Starbucks gift card may be the perfect treat for him/her.

9. Laptop stickers

Giving the gift of laptop stickers lets you showcase how well you know the person in something like a “Secret Santa” exchange with friends. Your friend loves the movie, Mean Girls? Then, a little sticker that says “Fetch!” might be the perfect accessory to add to her laptop. Laptop stickers can also be stuck on things like water bottles or coffee cups to give them a little personality.

8. Portable phone charger

Now, this might be a little difficult in a grab bag exchange because you are not positive what kind of phone everyone has, but many portable chargers allow you to plug in adapters for iPhones and Androids. This gift is perfect for someone who is constantly on the move.

7. Food

Chocolate, popcorn, or a baked good of any sort is the perfect gift for literally anyone. No one can refuse a batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies right around the holidays.

6. A book

This is a great present to put in a grab bag. You can put in your favorite book so another person can enjoy it just as much as you did when you first read it.

5. Face masks

Ok, so face masks may not be the best gift for your dad, but teenage girls love them. The best thing about face masks is that you can purchase them for a very cheap price or you can buy high end ones.

4. Blankets

You can never have too many blankets scattered around your house. This cozy gift is perfect for anyone and everyone. A cozy gift like a blanket is perfect for the winter in New Jersey.

3. A winter hat, scarf, gloves

These are practical gifts, yet you can personalize them if you want. For instance you can give someone a color-coordinated ensemble: purple hat, gloves, and scarf. Or, you can give them a winter hat that supports their favorite sports team, or their college.

2. A coffee mug

A coffee mug is a very versatile present. Your best friend will love a travel cup to bring to school every day. A coffee mug with snowflakes on it is the perfect gift to put in a grabbag. It is thoughtful, yet not specific to the recipient.

1. Fuzzy socks

Who doesn’t love fuzzy socks for the winter? The socks can be tall, short, festive, plain—everyone will love them.