Ten Things Only the Youngest Child Will Understand

If you’re the baby of your family, you’re used to being called “spoiled” and told that everything was handed to you. Sometimes you may even agree, because you were often handed “hand-me-downs” to wear at the start of the new school year. Here are ten things you will only understand if you’re the youngest sibling…

  1. You were dragged around to a million sports games throughout your life.

You sat through Saturday morning basketball games and summer night lacrosse games, you basically grew up in the bleachers, and never complained. You loved running onto the court during half time and shooting baskets and everyone would cheer you on. But for some reason, your older siblings complain every time they have to drag themselves to one of your activities.

  1. You never had a babysitter.

You never got to experience having a babysitter watch you when your parents went out on weekends, because your older siblings would watch you. But honestly, it’s nice not having to meet new people who were going to watch you when you could just chill with your siblings.

  1. You were always loved by all your siblings’ friends.

Whenever your siblings’ friends would come over, they would all want to play with you the whole time, because you were cute and little. But your sib would always push you out of her room because she wanted “space”. Yet, deep down you knew that your sib loved having you around too.

  1. Teachers would always see your last name on the roster and say, “Ah, you’re ‘so and so’s’ younger sibling”.

Sometimes this is good if your sibling was really friendly or a huge nerd, but if school wasn’t really your sib’s “thing”, then you knew it probably meant trouble.

  1. You’re not used to being alone.

Your siblings were always around, so you never watched TV alone and you never were without someone to play with. When your siblings move out or leave for college, you’re kind of at a loss because you’ve never had to be alone before.

  1. You always get to do things at a younger age than your sibs—and you’re used to getting hated on by them for it.

Your sisters had to wait until they were twelve to get their ears pierced, you got them done a little before you turned ten. Your sibs had to share a car all throughout high school but you got a car before you turned 17. Your sibs complained about it before the fact, during the whole ordeal, and still complain about it every day afterwards. But you’re living your best life right now.

  1. You see a whole different version of your parents than your sibs do.

Your sibs had a strict curfew. But for you, your parents say you can stay out as late as you want, as long as you text them. Your sibs were only supposed to drive with one other person in the car when they were 17. You stuff as many people as you can into your car and your parents tell you to try not to get pulled over.

  1. You’re used to being coddled, even when you’re kind of old.

Whenever you go to the city or you’re in the airport, you’re used to your family asking, “Who has ‘insert youngest child name here’?”. Or when you’re going to be home alone at night, your family still worries about you. Sometimes it’s nice, but sometimes it’s a little much.

  1. You get away with everything.

Your sibs hate how you always play the ‘baby’ card when you get in trouble because you “didn’t know any better”. This is a totally perk of being the youngest sibling—you’re always the victim.

  1. And finally, you’re totally spoiled (even if you spend your whole life denying it).

The youngest child is known for being a spoiled brat—and you have to admit it, you are kind of “indulged”. Your parents are much more likely to give in to you then they were to your older sibs. And you love the attention you get for being the ‘baby’. You get a lot of hate for being the youngest, but honestly you kind of love it.