Is Prom Overrated?

While high school girls who obsess over prom are a dime a dozen, others feel that prom is hyped up way more than it needs to be. There seems to be more preparation for prom and the after-prom plans, than the actual event itself.

“I think people obsess over the idea of prom rather than the prom itself. It’s more about who has the best dress and the best date, rather than enjoying the gathering itself, ” says VHS junior Caitlin Barnes, who has attended prom both her freshman and sophomore year.

Prom can be seen as a night to get dressed up and spend time with friends and classmates; however, nowadays there is more to it than simply putting on a tux or slipping into a dress, and enjoying prom as a whole.

Beginning with shopping for a dress, finding something to wear has become more than a single shopping trip to the nearby mall.

“I am looking for that one perfect dress and have been all over trying to find it. I have already visited over four malls and three individual stores and have yet to find the dress for me,” said VHS junior, Brielle Cummings, with a look of exhaustion in her eyes.

In the age of technology, it is becoming even more common for prom-goers to purchase their dresses online. Online sites such as proudly display their stock of over 150,000 dresses. Such a wide variety and array of dresses adds to the stress and agony of finding that perfect dress.

According to VHS junior Michele D’Aries, who will be attending prom for her second time this year, estimates a total of $400 being spent on prom each year. VHS senior Joe Cordasco admits to spending nearly $500 after accounting for prom tickets, a tuxedo, and the cost for a limo. In the United States, an average of $6.6 billion is spent annually on proms.

Once all of these costs are out of the way or taken care of, there are still many more things that must be planned and figured out for prom-goers. There is the all important aspect of finding and asking a date.

“It took me about two months just to figure out who I wanted to ask to prom, and how I was going to ask them. Prom is very overrated. People go crazy over how to ask their date, what to wear, the whole nine yards,” said VHS junior Matt McKeown.

Beyond the chaos of finding what to wear and asking a date, there are also after-prom plans that appeal and entice many students into even attending prom in the first place.

“To be honest I would just rather go to pictures and a gathering afterward. The actual prom is just a reason to dress up and make plans afterward,” revealed Caitlin Barnes.

Although the preparation and planning process for attending prom may seem like too big of an ordeal that is not worthy of just a three to four hour dance, some VHS students reasoned that all of the mayhem leading up to prom can be a fun and exciting experience.

“I think people who say that prom is too hyped up secretly want to go, but are just a little bitter because they don’t want to put in the effort,” said junior Chloe Strippoli. “Although I think it can be overrated, as long as you have a good class and you are with your friends, it will be everything it is cracked up to be and will make all of the preparation worth it.”