Cleansing Your Way To Skinny

After big holiday meals or quick fast food breaks, sometimes we feel the need to start off fresh. This is why some people try out a smoothie or a juice cleanse that is rich in nutrients, a strategy that helps your body rid itself of toxins–Or at least this is the goal.

Recently high school students have been going on cleanses for other reasons than cleansing the body. People have been using this as a fast way to lose a few pounds before prom or a weekend spent in a bathing suit on the beach.

One popular type of liquid diet contains water, lemon juice, cayenne pepper and maple syrup. Some high school students will do these cleanses for days or weeks. This liquid diet clearly lacks the nutrients that the body needs to function. This unhealthy liquid diet contains so few calories per day, that  people lose weight too fast.

Unfortunately, there are other effects as well. People tend to start to feel light-headed, dizzy, weak, and they sometimes even pass out. After the liquid diet, people tend to gain the weight back rapidly. It is also highly recommended to see a doctor before doing this or any diet, but we know this is not what most high school students are doing.

However, there is a healthy way to cleanse your body. The popular Dr. Oz cleanse involves a smoothie for each meal for three days. These three smoothies have all the nutrition your body needs per day. The smoothies include ingredients like kale, raspberries, almond butter and blueberries.

Nutritionists explain that although someone can simply eat these foods, a smoothie is best for your body to receive all the nutritional value. This is because sometimes your body cannot break down all the foods that we eat, so a blender is able to make the foods easier for the body to break down the foods.

I have personally tried the smoothie cleanse and many people asked if I felt cleaner or any different. I cannot say I felt like my body had been renewed but there was one difference. After the cleanse, people did mention that my skin looked clearer. So although I did not feel the “dramatic renewal” of my body there were nice results that the cleanse may have been the source of.