Don’t Learn an Instrument; Just Buy a Meat Dress

Over the past few decades music has continued to sound worse and worse. Between crappy lyrics and blaring noises, music from the last decade has become a combination of terrible and obnoxious.

Some may believe that music isn’t truly getting worse, but that the tastes of generations are changing. However, scientists have run tests to see if it is; the results conclude that music is indeed making a turn for the worst. A professor at the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute of the Spanish National Research Council in Barcelona ran some studies and concluded that the pitch and loudness of music has drastically changed over time. These days, all songs sound exactly the same. For example, listen to a few songs by Taylor Swift or One Direction and you will realize the diversity in their songs is very limited.

These days, it seems singers and songwriters are only praised for how weird they can be rather than the quality of their music. Take Lady Gaga for instance, she wears bacon and eggs as attire to a music awards event, yet people still praise her and she pops up in news magazines daily.  VHS math teacher Bob Cashill believes “music has become all about sensationalism. Nowadays it is like the more outrageous you are, the more popular your music becomes. I wonder how many people would go to a concert if the music wasn’t so auto-tuned and poly technic.”

The difference between new music and old music is that new music isn’t truly ‘music.’ It is factory produced, rather than produced by true talent and instruments. Music from previous decades, such as the 70’s and 80’s, were created by singers who could actually sing, and people who played instruments well. My father is very into music so over the years he has noticed how music has become extremely loud, computer produced beats. However, older music was a combination of instruments and quality music that created a harmony of sounds people enjoyed.

The current generation of music has become all about computer generated sounds and mediocre talent. Basically, if you hire someone who is good at pressing buttons on a computer and making a collaboration of noises sound okay, you can make millions. Singers no longer need to actually hit any decent notes or play an instrument themselves. Good music has given way to computer-generated junk.