Isn’t Varsity Athletics Already Phys Ed?

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Many varsity athletes at one time have been sitting in gym class asking themselves, “Why do I have to be here right now?”

Throughout elementary school, and middle school, students are forced to take gym almost every day. No big deal, because students should be getting introduced to exercise and healthy habits at a young age. Eventually though, When high school comes, I personally think it is unnecessary if you are participating in a sport.

The main purpose of gym class is to give students a daily dose of exercise and to keep them active, and to support a healthy lifestyle. Varsity athletes already get this exercise at their sports.

Some students and parents may complain that it is not fair for students that play sports get the benefit of not taking a class that is required for others that don’t play a sport. But a athletes could use this time more productively. 

What would these athletes do during that period? VHS football player and wrestler Nick Riggio says “ I could replace gym class with a study hall, and then have an academic class or elective where my study hall would be.” That is a great option and that is one that is used at neighboring schools, for example, Montclair Kimberley Academy.

Injuries to varsity athletes can also occur in physical education class, and pre-existing injuries can worsen. Cristian Campos, a soccer player, says that his sports injuries “get a lot worse during gym” and that  “ I should be resting and not worry about having to do gym in order to play that day.”

Exempting athletes from gym will also relieve pressure from others who feel anxiety about competing against the school’s top athletes in gym.

So, to the questions “Should athletes take gym?” I say it’s a pretty clear answer, with no if’s and’s or but’s. Definitely not.

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