Realizations in the time of Covid

If we were still living in pre-Covid times, I would have viewed a Fairviewer writing opportunity as merely another thing to feel proud of completing.

 I could have walked into school feeling a sense of accomplishment that every little thing I did, including writing an article for the Fairviewer, made an impact on my high school world, and ultimately where I would be accepted in college (I know, silly right?).

Living in this old world before quarantine gave me, and I am sure many others, a narrowed view on life, and on what things are truly important.

So, as I contemplated writing an article on how I had been cooking my own meals, exercising, staying positive, and texting my grandma, I realized the real meaning behind these endeavors: the sheer fact that my world is not how it used to be, none of these small achievements would have mattered in the artificial world I had been living in.

Needless to say, I obviously think it is cool that I can make homemade Indian food and have learned how to do a proper burpee, but these accomplishments are so painfully irrelevant to the old world I was living in, that it made me realize I am experiencing a whole new perspective on life.

In addition to the fact that going to the grocery store now may or may not lead to doom (okay that is a bit of an exaggeration but you get what I mean), life for the first time since I was five, is not academically-oriented. For example, here is a brief idea of my old schedule BP (Before Pandemic):

7 am: Wake up

7:45 am: Leave for school

Midday: Write an essay, take a math test, perform a physics lab, possibly eat a bagel,hug a human *insert emoji with the big sad sparkly eyes here* 

3 pm: Go to play practice

6:30 pm: Jazz Band

9 pm: Homework 


Now for an updated DQ (during quarantine) schedule: 

9:30 am: Drink coffee stand outside and enjoy springtime

10 am: Log on to a virtual band class (very surreal)

Midday: Eat snacks, turn in quick assignments, pet my cat

12 pm: Go for a walk

Evening: Talk to friends, stare at the wall

8 pm: Eat a very late dinner

Rest of the night: Stay up watching tv, have a brief existential crisis

All the days kind of mush into one, so I definitely advise having some form of schedule. My point is, we get to live in a different world for a while, so my advice to myself, and everyone else, is to embrace this new adventure. 

I truly hope everyone is doing alright during this extremely chaotic, anxiety-provoking time, and that we can all try and enjoy this temporary form of life.