You Can Complain Or You Can Make the Best Of It

Never before did I think I would say I wish I was at school- no, I haven’t yet, but I am edging close to it. 

This quarantine experience has been about as riveting as counting the cinder blocks on a basement wall, which is something I actually did for a few minutes this morning. I can’t put it any other way- I’m bored out of my mind. There’s only so much repetition I can take, even if I enjoy doing certain activities.

 My daily routine consists of the same menu of options, starting with waking up at around 10 a.m., grudgingly completing school work for ten-minute bursts until 1, playing soccer and XBox for hours at a time, then followed by gorging myself with tiramisu at the end of a long day of hard work.

 I’ll stay up until 3 a.m. watching soccer highlights and collapse after watching my eighth “Andrea Pirlo Best Passes” video. The school work is often tasteless and accomplishes little, but it helps get me up in the morning. But as bored as I may be, I have to look at the situation in a positive light and get as much done as possible.

On the school front, I admittedly do no more than I am forced to, because I cannot drag myself to complete additional sections on Khan Academy. To compensate for my lack of desire to teach myself the basics of multivariable calculus, I work out and play a sickening amount of soccer, one of the few things that brings me pure enjoyment nowadays. 

I have also taped 300 soccer cards around the upper perimeter of my room where the wall meets the ceiling in addition to a surplus 200 hundred covering my door. I am practically an interior designer. 

When I’m not in the parking lot or taping items to my wall, I am probably playing XBox, but you might also find me at my desk taking tactical notes on soccer teams and coaches. I have a binder full of the best managers in the sport and I take written tactical analyses of their games and playing style as I aspire to be a manager myself when I am older. I find examining the minute intricacies of a soccer game fascinating, and it helps pass the time, so I cannot complain. 

That is the main sentiment I have drawn from this whole experience I think: not complaining about everything. I just accept that I cannot go to a field and play or meet my friends, so no point in crying about it. Rather, I just have to make the most of it.