Lack of Motivation During the Pandemic

The Pandemic that uprooted students from normalcy in school as of last March has flipped the perspective of education for many. Motivation has suffered through this pandemic for many students across the globe.  Children, teenagers, and even adults have struggled with determination to get their tasks done this year.  Many questions are being asked; will students learn to grow motivated again? Will it ever be the same?

During quarantine, many students lost their way. Life was altered drastically, removing students completely from the space in which they went to school. Being pushed from a day-to-day schedule in school to a day-to-day schedule at home has caused many aspects of motivation in students to change.

One Verona student says school at home has altered school life drastically. “School gives me something to do. However, at times it overwhelms me and causes me to stress. School is really difficult virtually, I find myself struggling more than I normally would in person.”

Learning at home is significantly different than in-person at school. Having to be instructed through a screen and then learn the material alone is incredibly difficult, leaving some students to fall behind. However, there are many cases in which students have excelled through virtual learning. This can also be demonstrated in motivation. One student explains, “my motivation has actually improved since the pandemic. I have a lot of free time due to the pandemic, so I use this time to do my school work. I know it isn’t easy for most kids, which is totally understandable! It wasn’t easy for me in the beginning either. Once I got into a routine, everything was simpler. My motivation has improved a lot through getting into a routine.” 

However, it is understandable if some cannot get into a routine of the pandemic and try to improve their motivation. The world is evolving every day, and times are tough. But, here are a few tips given by the University of Michigan if stuck on the “unmotivational train.” One way to boost motivation is by setting daily goals. They can be grand or small, but make sure to set a goal every day that can be accomplished. This will make the day more enjoyable and give direction for the day. Another tip is to pair work with something that can be enjoyable. A comfy room or a favorite song can pair perfectly with the work that needs to get done. These tips can altogether benefit oneself,  increase motivation and lead to the achievement of more goals in the day. The Covid-19 pandemic has not been easy. It has been a whirlwind for everyone. However, it’s important to stay motivated and keep pushing forward.