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DAMN, Lamar!

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“New Kung Fu Kenny!” It’s been two years since To Pimp a Butterfly, a very politically driven album that shed a lot of light on the social issues going on. It was an album that sales wise did very well but had mixed reviews from people.  I personally considered it his worst project.

But now Kendrick Lamar delivers DAMN! – which will probably be considered one of the best albums of 2017. The 14 track album that contains three features (Rihanna, U2, Zacari). All the tracks have been placed on the hot 100 billboard.  

We’re witnessing history folks.

The album has classic DJ drops from Hip Hop legend DJ Kid Capri which gives the album a nostalgic rap feel while the complex production is so modern. It appeals to the deep diving listener (those who like to dissect music and find deeper meaning) and those that just enjoy good music.

The album begins with “BLOOD.” Kendrick tells a story of a blind lady who seems to have misplaced something. When Lamar offers his assistance, the lady responds “Oh yes, you have lost something.You’ve lost… your life” then a gunshot which leaves fans with something to dissect not even a minute in.

“DNA” is the next song and the 2nd single (HUMBLE, being the first)  which were both produced by Mike Will-Made It ( responsible for “Black Beatles” and “Gucci on my”) the track celebrates and critiques black heritage.

“Fox news wanna use my name for percentage”….“YAH” is the third track. A more mellow track that address Geraldo Rivera and Fox News and their comments on Kendrick’s hit song “Alright”.

“ELEMENT.” my personal favorite, is Kendrick’s braggadocious track displaying his writing talent and re-establishing his spot in rap. The last track worth a mention (also the last song on the album) tells a story. “DUCKWORTH.” tells the story of TDE President Anthony Tiffith robbing the KFC Kendrick’s father worked at.

In a time that lacks originality, Kendrick Lamar delivers something that is nothing like anything that’s out right now. DAMN!

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DAMN, Lamar!