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Fashion Trends:New or Deja Vu?

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The old saying that history repeats itself holds very true in the fashion world. When it comes to fashion, many trends are constantly being recycled and reinvented. Present-day style icons take part in this hand-me-down styling tactic and pull looks from the the 80s for this fall.

Jeans have always been a staple in seemingly everyone’s wardrobe since the beginning of time, but lately the layering of denim has proven to be a huge upcoming trend. Though we might not fully embrace the flashy embellishments and shameless Canadian pantsuits of the 80’s, the era’s patchwork and distressing has been reinvented in today’s trends. Icons like Zendaya, Rihanna, and Gigi Hadid all exhibit this rising trend through their street style.  

Another trend that is giving the world its second dose of deja vu is *gasp* fanny packs. Yes, fanny packs are actually making their way back into the wardrobes of top models and celebrities. To reinvent a trend that was once dreadful for many, style icons have been wearing fanny packs as less of a belt and more of a crossbody bag to make it more inconspicuous. Another way the fanny pack has been revamped is they type of couture brands that have created their own take on the new “belt bags”. High end names names like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, and Supreme all have their own take on the fanny pack and its place as a present rising trend.

Finally, the last major trend is the distressing of basics such as hoodies, joggers, and band tees. Gaping holes and shredded tank tops that were once very Madonna-esque have found their way back into style in a  much more subdued way. These days little holes and some distressing have adorned the outfits of countless celebrities in their street style and more casual day to day looks. The reinvented appearance of distressing in a much less profound manner has taken on the “cool girl” styles that ladies of the 80s once demonstrated.

Although parachute pants, Steve Urkle glasses, and leg warmers have not made their long-awaited return into this fall’s fads, other style elements are influenced by the “Golden Years”. Style icons as well as designers have embraced trends that were once considered out of style by introducing them in a fresh, new light.


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Fashion Trends:New or Deja Vu?