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Halloween Movies You Should Watch

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There is no better way to get excited for Halloween than binge watching your favorite spooky movies. With Halloween approaching quickly, now is the time to start figuring out which movies will be on your watch list this year. It is good to have a mix of not just your old favorites, but newer movies you have never seen. Whether you like scary or funny movies, there is a Halloween movie for everyone.

When I think of classic scary movies that are perfect to watch during Halloween season, the first that comes to mind is “The Blair Witch Project.”  This movie tells a story of three film students who travel to Maryland to film a documentary about a local murder legend- Blair Witch. This movie is perfect to watch during Halloween season because it mentions witches, and it is definitely scary. It may not primarily involve Halloween, but it should definitely be on your watchlist.

If you aren’t into scary movies though, there are still plenty of amazing Halloween movies to watch. “The Nightmare before Christmas” is an animated classic, telling a story of a skeleton trying to steal Christmas. The Disney movie “Hocus Pocus” is the perfect funny Halloween movie, telling a story of a group witches coming back from the dead for one Halloween night. These are just a few of the many incredible Halloween movies you should watch this season.

If you have already seen these movies or are simply not interested in them, you should definitely consider going to see the new movie “Death Day” out in theaters. “Death Day” is about a girl who keeps reliving the day she is murdered over and over again, and can’t stop it. It gives me chills just thinking about how creepy it is, and is perfect to go see on or before Halloween. This movie should definitely be on your watch list, especially if you like scary movies.

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Halloween Movies You Should Watch