VHS Students’ Hidden Talents

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Many students at VHS, in addition to the talents everyone knows them for,  have odd or special talents that define who they are.

Alex Ng, a senior here at Verona High School, shows his talents in the classroom. Excelling at all subjects in school, Alex is in the top ten percent of the class. He aspires to be a physics major at the University of Southern California, with a minor in business as well. Although he is gifted and talented in academics, he also has another weird talent that is unknown to many people: breakdancing. “I picked this talent up from my friend Chitoh (Yung, class of 2017).” Last year, when he was a senior, we would go to each other’s houses and practice. I breakdance because it is a different form of exercise than I am used to. Weight lifting is tedious, so I sometimes resort to breakdancing.”

Grace Gault, also a senior at VHS, is known to many for her talent on stage during the fall play and spring musical. “I have been acting since I was in elementary school, and went to Northwestern University over the summer for an acting program. I would like to take this talent I have and pursue it as a career.”  But she has another odd, interesting talent few know about that most definitely will not lead to a career:  “I am double jointed so I am able to hold my hands behind my back and then bring them over my head.”

CJ Lavery, a senior student-athlete at Verona High School, would also enjoy pursuing one of his many talents in the future. CJ has been playing football since he was seven years old, and has always dreamed of playing in college. CJ’s hidden talent:  “I can juggle with my eyes closed,” he says

Due to the lack of diversity in Verona, many believe that Verona students are exactly alike. This is simply untrue. Numerous students at Verona High School embody talents that set them apart from other students, whether it’s breakdancing, being double-jointed,  or juggling  with their eyes closed!

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