Jonas Brothers Reunion Big News at VHS

The Jonas Brothers used to sing of how their songs would continue going multi-platinum until the year 3000, but then they broke up on October 23, 2013. But six years have passed, the Jonas Brothers have gotten back together, and they are ready to make new music.

The Jonas Brothers is a band that consists of family members and brothers Joe, Nick, and Kevin, with Joe and Nick being the lead vocals and Kevin being the lead guitarist.

The band came back into the world by releasing their newest single, “Sucker”. The single was accompanied by a music video which was filmed in a Versailles Palace-like setting.

Other popular singles from the band include: “Burnin’ Up”, “S.O.S.”, and “Lovebug.” Along with successful top hits, they also produced four albums before they had called it quits.

The band also saw success on the big screen, aside from music. They starred in two Disney Channel movies titled “Camp Rock” and “Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam”. They also made appearances in TV shows such as Hannah Montana and hosting their own TV show called Jonas.

As much success as the Jonas Brothers saw in their career, they did experience a hiatus that began in 2013. Nick is credited with initiating the break up, but overall they were butting heads too much about everything from music  to music videos for them to continue to work together.

After their breakup, Nick and Joe explored their own careers. With Nick working solo and Joe joining another band called DNCE, both were able to produce multiple chart-topping tracks.

The reunion of the brothers as a band stemmed from the fact that they had wanted to create a documentary to tell the story of their personal lives, the band, and their musical careers as a whole.

And just as it was Nick’s idea to break up originally, it was this time his idea for them to get back together. Getting back together forced them to fix prior unresolved issues, resulting in their family being stronger than ever.

The community of Jonas Brothers fans are eager to see new music produced and see what is new for the band in the future. And for some of us – it’s a chance to re-live our childhoods!