Where In The World

Une sensibilisation charitable pour les voisins ont besoin.  VHS senior Chloe Strippoli had never even heard that phrase until recently, but she knows what it means now.

The phrase translates to “a charitable outreach to neighbors in need,” and it is the motto of the

Haitian Health Foundation.  Chloe joined this foundation in Haiti from October 6 to 15, along with her

grandfather, uncle, and cousin.

The point of the trip was to visit the poorest area of the country in hopes of improving the health and wellness of the poor, sick, and the infirm. While she was there, Chloe dabbled in a few odd jobs, such as working at a dental clinic and volunteering at an orphanage, learning more about the culture and the conditions that the people in Haiti face.

Chloe’s involvement in helping out started long before the opportunity to go on this trip was brought to her, as her family already has two adoptive Haitian families that they fund every month.

“Truthfully, I’m ready for it all,” she said before her trip. In preparation for the trip, Chloe received a typhoid shot and malaria pills, which, according to her, “came with crazy side effects,” such as insomnia and nightmares.

Chloe, being the co-president of International Weekend Club, loves everything about travel and

was extremely excited about making her way to Haiti. . .as well as nervous and anxious, of course.

“What I want out of life, no matter what I do, is to make people smile,” she said with tears in her eyes as she recalled some of the misery she witnessed in Haiti.

“Overall, the trip was life-changing. When I was down there I was helping people and making a

difference and learning so many different things. It was definitely interesting to see what the world is

like outside of Verona, New Jersey, and how many things we take for granted.”