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The Supreme Phenomenon

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I thought it was a little strange when the school nurse, who has kids my age, said to me one day “Ooh I like your hat; I want one of those shirts.”  I look at my hat and realize she is talking about my Supreme baseball cap and their famous box logo t-shirts.  My question is, how does a grown woman know about a skate/streetwear brand that appeals to kids?

Supreme, established in April of 1994 opened up shop on Lafayette Street in downtown Manhattan. It was initially a brand that represented New York skate culture but has become a household name to teenagers.The streetwear brand has skyrocketed to the top of fashion with numerous big name collaborations including Nike, North Face and most recently Louis Vuitton.  

The brand is sought after mostly for its exclusivity. Every Thursday at 11 a.m. kids rush to their phones to get to the Supreme app as fast as they can to see and buy new products. If they are  not on the app, it’s because they are lined up outside the store and have probably been waiting for several hours prior. By 11:01 everything is sold out.

Those people that wait in line either go home a happy customer with their desired piece, or they post it online to resell for hundreds of dollars over retail. The demand for Supreme is at an all-time high also due to the amount of co-signs from celebrities such as A$ap Rocky, Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott, etc. Kids want what their favorite celebrities are in.

Even the kids that aren’t really into clothes know what Supreme is….and apparently so do my nurse and gym teacher. “Hey nice hat, I got a nephew that’s into that Supreme…what’s that stuff about?” Mr.McElroy asked as we watched students walk laps around the gym that same day.

When I try to explain it to him he says “So they stand on lines for hours? And some of them don’t even wear the stuff? That’s ridiculous.”  I kind of agree.  

It would probably really blow his mind if I told him that if he went on eBay he could find the newest Supreme and COMME Des GARCON box logo tee shirt is going for $1,085.  

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