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Prom Drama: The Dress

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Prom is approaching fast and many girls are starting to understand the struggles of finding a prom dress. At Verona High School juniors and seniors have a combined prom which makes it even more stressful. You cannot wear the same dress as someone else so that is why many girls start looking months in advance. Once you find your dress you then have to post it in the Facebook group and hope nobody else gets the same one as you.

As senior Jenna Staranka said “Prom is so much fun and once you find your dress everything falls into place. Last year I could not find a dress that I liked and went to literally every store but everything was wrong for me. I was so worried I would not find one and not be able to go. Luckily I found one about two weeks before prom, so I had just enough time to get it fitted. I would tell every girl looking for a prom dress to start shopping very early because it takes a lot of time and you do not want to feel rushed or stressed.”

Junior Lara Tole is still in the process of finding a dress and said “I have not even gone to a store to try any on because I have no time and I need almost a whole day to look. I am starting to feel the pressure of finding a dress. My sister told me how much of a hassle it is but I never believed her until now. Hopefully I will be able to find the perfect dress before prom!”

Many girls are still searching but others have found their match. Some advice to the girls still shopping would be: do not get worked up, do not let people talking about prom stress you out, and try on dresses that you might not even like because you never know. You will find your dress eventually!

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Prom Drama: The Dress