Advice to Your Freshman Self


There are many adjectives that can describe senior year. Exciting, sad, nerve wracking, fun. The list goes on and on.

One of the best ways I believe senior year can be described as is nostalgic. People are looking back at all their time in school. Looking back at all the years they’ve played sports. People are especially looking back at their high school experiences.

These past couple of weeks I’ve been thinking a lot about my freshman year. I look back in amazement of how little I knew, and how far away it seems. I’ve also been noticing the freshman now and how unsure and lost they look when walking in the halls.

I started thinking about what advice I would have wanted to hear as a freshman and what I would have told my freshman self now. I asked some of my fellow seniors what advice they would give their freshman year selves, and here are some of my fellow seniors on what they would say to their freshman self.

Maria Celentano said, “I would say that freshman year is just as important as any other year of high school so try your best academically. But also aside from academics, join a lot of clubs or sports because making lots of friends is what makes high school enjoyable. the bonds you make in the beginning of high school only continue to grow.”

Ally Madigan advised, “Don’t slack off freshman and sophomore year.  Have fun; high school goes by really fast. Also, join clubs and be involved it looks good on college apps.”

“My advice would be don’t spend so much time studying and staying home to finish work instead of going out with friends,” said Julia Mackey. “ You’re only in high school once so enjoy the time while you have the chance to. Make every moment count because you don’t realize how fast it goes until you’re taking senior portraits in a cap and gown. Lastly, make friends with everyone, some people you didn’t even know you could get along with may turn out to be the best friends you have.”