What Does Your Lock Screen Say About You?

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We live in a society where almost everyone has some type of smartphone. On every smartphone there is something called a lock screen. This is where you can check the time, along with notifications such as text messages or Snapchats. Behind these alerts lie a picture. Some people set as their picture a place or person that makes them happy. Some people set it as their favorite sport or hobby. Other people tend to stick with the generic preset lock screen from their phone company.

What is your lock screen and what does it say about you?

I look at my own phone and asked myself the same question. My lock screen happens to be a picture of myself with a caption that reads “HELLO” in big letters. I often get questioned why I would make it something that seems so strange. The simple answer is that I find it funny and when I am having a rough down I can look down at my own phone and make myself laugh. Although after questioning many of my friends I have learned I am not the only one who uses their lock screen as a reminder of happiness. One of my friends has a picture of quote that reminds them of their grandmother and they smile whenever they read it.

Many people have their lock screens as reminders of happiness. A couple of my friends have a picture of their view on vacation. One person said “when I look at my lock screen it calms me down”. His happened to be a picture of the ocean water which reminds him of summer. Another one of my friends has a picture of a festival as his lock screen which he referred to as “one of his favorite experiences”.

I found that most of my friends’ lock screens are pictures of them and a group of people they are friends with. One friend has a picture of him bundled up on a couch in sweatpants with friends which he explained as “it reminds me of them while they’re at college and how they make me feel comfy.” Three people I asked, had their lock screen as a picture of them and one of their best friends playing a sport.

Despite the many different lock screens I learned about, a couple people had chosen an iPhone background. One person said “I like that it moves when I hold it down” and another friend said “blue is my favorite color so I chose the blue one”.

After asking over thirty people ages 14 to 18 what their lock screen is I found one common trait. Uniqueness. Every single person I asked had a different lock  screen. Even the few people who had not made it a picture of their friends or favorite place, had all chosen a different background. I believe a background says a lot about a person. It shows their artsy skills, their favorite hobby or place, people they care about, and their simplistic ways. Here is my challenge to you: Keep your eyes out today and ask three different people what their lock screen is and why. You may find out things about a person that you never knew.

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