The VHS Hillbilly: Should He Stay or Should He Go?

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Some would say that a mascot is the most integral part of a school. If you go to Verona High School, this statement may ring more true than in most places because of the uniqueness of our mascot.

The Hillbilly has been the mascot at VHS for as long as anyone can remember.  His actual year of origin: 1947.  The logo was originally depicted as a bearded man with a gun over his shoulder and a jug of moonshine at his side. However, around the 1980’s, it changed to something a little more PG; the gun became a fishing pole and the jug became a dog.

Today, some VHS’ers could not imagine being anything but a Hillbilly, while others wouldn’t mind a change in mascot. I took to the halls of VHS to pose the question: How do you really feel about our mascot being a Hillbilly?

Junior Nick Algieri said “People think its unique. We’re the Hillbillies and I take pride in it. I’m not gonna change that.”

“I love the mascot because it’s really unique to Verona and it’s a good conversation starter because it’s such a random fact about the town. It’s been a tradition here for so long that it doesn’t feel weird, stated senior Meg Evans

Some on the other hand weren’t so fond of our bearded, dog-loving friend.

Senior Diana Ednie stated “It’s not my favorite. I feel like mascots should be intimidating and a Hillbilly isn’t that. I get it but it just seems like a southern thing, and we’re nothing close to being a southern school.”

Teacher Mr. Harris said “ I think it should change. People still wear the old one, and are we really encouraging the kids to make moonshine and carry a gun? It’s weird.”

Others, like myself, have mixed feelings about the whole thing.

“It’s fine. Not really politically correct but its funny.” said junior Alex Newman.

Senior Amon Rosenzweig said “It’s not very intimidating. I have mixed feelings. On one hand, I like it because it’s the only thing I’ve ever known. But then, when we play other schools they have so many sicker names.”

In the end, the Hillbilly has been the VHS mascot for 71 years and it’s unlikely to change any time soon.


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