A Shop That May Make You Healthier

Recently, I decided to stop into a local shop with which I was previously unfamiliar.  Green Point Juicery was a pleasant surprise.

Located at 532 Bloomfield Ave, just a couple storefronts down from Lakeside Deli, the juicery is a very underrated part of Verona’s selection of eateries. The shop offers much more than just juices, they also have smoothies, salads, acai bowls, yogurt, granola, soup and more. They even offer multi-day juice cleansing programs and health shots as well. The small shop has a great variety of options to choose from, all of which are very tasty.

The staff at Green Point are very helpful and informative. They inform you of the benefits of the ingredients they use. They will also help direct customers about what to order based on different factors such as what they have eaten that day and how they are feeling. They suggested I take a lemon ginger health shot to clear my sinuses because I was suffering from bad allergies. Despite the bitter taste, the shot did wonders and cleared up my head!

Another time they suggested I get a double protein smoothie because I had not eaten breakfast and it filled me right up. They also have different signs around the store that encourage customers to ask questions about the benefits of different ingredients. For example, they have one that says “CBD milk, let’s talk benefits!” The juicery offers free samples for almost all of their products. And they will also adjust smoothies if the customer is not completely satisfied with the taste.

All in all, Green Point Juicery is a great local shop with very friendly staff, I would definitely recommend stopping by.