Five Free Websites Worth Checking Out

What have you been doing these past couple of weeks? Binge-watching Netflix, procrastinating your schoolwork, going on walks with your family? In this time in which we are all locked inside our houses, we might as well take this opportunity to learn something new. And, with the Internet, it’s now easier than ever to learn something new with no cost. So here are five websites where you can learn something new, for free!



Want to learn a little bit about coding, but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you’ve taken a computer science class, and want to learn a little more about programming. Codecademy is a good site, with free options to learn about different programming languages, including Java, Javascript, Python, HTML, CSS, and others. 

This website has, unfortunately, gone downhill recently, with far too many ads trying to convince you to switch to Codecademy Plus. However, learning about the basics of programming languages is still free; just keep clicking out whenever they try to get you to buy their product.



If you’ve taken an AP class before, then you probably know how helpful these videos can be. However, there are now a ton of different subjects on which you can watch these videos, explaining in a short amount of time the basics of different subjects. Whether you want to use this for review of AP classes you’re currently taking, or learn something new about a different topic (sociology, world mythology, and film history are all series on the channel), this is a great way to pass the time.



I know, I know, we’re all a little bit traumatized by this website. But besides the Mastery Challenges that are the bane of every math student’s existence, there are a lot of other topics on Khan Academy. You can do practice for the SATs, watch videos on biology, chemistry, or physics, or prepare for your next year math course. 



It’s widely agreed that one of the most important skills you can develop in life is to speak more than one language. Duolingo allows you to learn the basics of a dozen different languages. You can practice the language you’re already taking in school, or take a new language, like Italian, Japanese, or Latin. You can even learn some fictional languages, like Star Trek’s Klingon or Game of Thrones High Valyrian. 



A Youtube Channel filled with the answer to interesting questions you never knew you had. What happens to your brain on coffee? What if all the ice on the world melted? Is binge watching bad for you? These animated four-minute videos explores the strange and interesting questions you might’ve had, but never been able to find an answer.