Procrastination: It Happens

There will always be a moment in time where you decide to procrastinate. It may be skipping a day’s worth of homework to binge watch your favorite Netflix show. Or, it may be sleeping those “extra five minutes” that completely ruins the rest of your day. All these events come down to one thing; procrastination.

Even though wasting time may seem nice in the moment, you may regret it. And it’s not like it’s uncommon to do; your mind gets the best of you and your will power disappears. However, there are ways in which can help you get out of your cozy bed to start the day, ruining procrastination’s chance to even take action. 

To find out how to prevent these situations, we have to discover the roots of the problem. One of them is bad moods. Being in a bad mood can set off the rest of your day. Being unable to deal with these mood swings can affect your procrastination. To be able to stop this, there has to be a compromise in understanding one’s own emotions. It’s important to realize and understand that having negative emotions is normal. Sometimes, we may think that there are easy fixes to these problems, but that is simply not the case. With these bad moods that tend to make some want to procrastinate, it is important to understand that by ignoring procrastination’s calling, we can receive a higher reward at the end of it.

The “B.B.O” strategy, known as “Bigger Better Offer” by Dr. Judson Brewer, the Director of Research and Innovation at Brown University’s Mindfulness Center, helps to create a mindset that can provide help when wanting to procrastinate. This helps to not only fix the current situation you are in, but sets a path for success in the future. By working through those tough times, you are able to accomplish those things that may have seemed impossible. Pushing procrastination out of your way, you are able to take on the world. 

Even though you may ignore those temptations to stall, you may give in some days to those temptations. It’s normal and very common. It’s essential to forgive yourself for procrastinating, or else it could prevent success in the upcoming event that is bound to happen. But in the end, it is clear to see that procrastination is just not worth it. Why throw off the rest of your day for a spare moment? Procrastination and time simply don’t mix. So go on with the rest of your day, do something productive, and don’t procrastinate!