Fashion: An Endless Cycle

Fashion trends always and constantly change, from modest dresses with rigid shape in the 17th century to low rise jeans in the early 21st century.

In 2020, the 90’s seem to be making a reappearance in fashion. Items of clothing like vests, high waisted jeans, and slip dresses have made a comeback. This isn’t the first time fashion trends have made reappearances. The early 2000s were filled with loud colorful trends that echoed the 80’s, with neon colors and bright patterns. Fishnets have made a comeback recently as well. They were first worn by flapper girls in the 1920’s, but reappeared in the 1950’s when Marilyn Monroe was seen wearing them, and again in the 1980’s by Madonna. 

One of the biggest trends to resurface was scrunchies and mom jeans heavily influenced by the 80’s. Mom jeans were primarily worn by middle aged women in the 1980’s because of how comfortable they were, but in recent years they have become high-end fashion getting recognition from designer brands. Summer 2019 brought the VSCO girl trend with the resurface of scrunchies. These were also popularized in the 80’s because of their comfort.

A lot of the fashion trends we see today are part of our nostalgic culture. Not only do we see a repeat in pieces of clothing, but we also can see a trend in colors. The 1980’s were known for their bold colors and loud patterns. Only ten years later in the 1990’s, clothing had more muted colors and earth tones. 

Today, fashion has been largely influenced by social media. Kendall Jenner and Emma Chamberlain are two of the many people who have re-popularized old trends. 2020 has brought back so many old trends like corset tops, sweater vests, and wide-leg pants. Trends have become much more diverse, so you shouldn’t feel the need to redo your whole wardrobe. Fashion is a constant cycle, old trends will always come back no matter how much you don’t want them to. Let’s just hope low rise jeans don’t make a comeback!