It Must Be Good. I Finished Four Seasons In One Night.

By now your New Year’s resolutions have long since been forgotten but your Netflix bingeing game has remained pretty strong. You may be someone who watches a total of three different shows a year while your best friend could finish eight series in one month (trust me, I’ve seen it). Whatever the number be, everybody has a show that they have been binge-watching recently. 

The good thing about tv shows is that they are timeless and could be watched by any generation at any time. Shows such as Criminal Minds and New Girl had aired in the early to mid-2000s and teenagers are still bingeing these shows years later. 

“Everyone in my AP HUG class was watching it and I felt left out and wanted to start it,” sophomore Keira Dolan said about the show New Girl. She had started the show in the last few weeks and is already almost done with season three. New Girl has since ended in 2018 with seven seasons under its belt. Keira Dolan would rather watch shows with short seasons because they are less of a commitment. 

“I think I can be, if I like the show enough to binge it,” Keira had said when asked if she binge-watches shows. 

Criminal Minds is another show that started in the early 2000s and is still very popular to this day. Sophomore Megan McGrath loves the characters in the show especially Spencer Reid and Jennifer “JJ” Jareau. 

“I thought the FBI and the BAU were interesting…I thought it would be cool to see how it works,” Megan McGrath in regards to why she started watching Criminal Minds. The show does consist of heavy and dark topics but the character development makes up for its heaviness. Megan had liked the mystery aspect of the show and thought it was fun to figure out who the killer was before the characters in the show did. 

When asked about if she typically binge watches shows, she had danced around the question and finally laughed out, “The show is 15 seasons long, and I’m already on season 10 so interpret that any way you like.” 

Although older shows tend to be very popular amongst teenagers, brand new shows that are still filming seasons are just as favored to high schoolers. 

Netflix’s Cobra Kai has been very popular in the last four years ever since its first episode air date. The show also has cameos from a lot of the original characters from The Karate Kid which add to its popularity. 

“It must be good because I finished four seasons in one night,” sophomore Cara DeMars laughed. She had loved how much action was in Cobra Kai; it had kept her on her toes the entire time. Cara had previously watched and loved the Karate Kid movies and really liked how similar the show was to the movies. She is not a typical binge watcher, only if she really likes the show she will binge-watch it. 

“When I came up positive for Covid, I had nothing to do so I decided to binge it,” Cara had laughed out again. 

As of today, there are so many different streaming services with a wide variety of shows to choose from. If you ask any teenager if they are watching a show, the answer will most certainly be ‘yes.’ That show could either be from 20 years ago or have just come out last week but there will be a high school student watching it.