Unique, Loveable, and High-Maintenance

Reese Witherspoon, Hugh Jackman, Lady Gaga, and Travis Barker all have one thing in common. They all are proud owners of the popular dog breed, French Bulldogs.

Waking up every morning might seem like a slow tiring process, but with a French Bulldog your day starts as soon as their squished face and potato shaped body pounces on you and barks at you to wake up.

French Bulldog bodies are very uniquely structured and although they sometimes get compared to Pugs, and Boston Terriers by the casual dog enthusiast because of their smushed wrinkled faces, to a true French Bulldog lover there are many differences.  French Bulldogs  have a wider color variety within their breed, they can be black, brown, red, brindle, fawn or even combinations of these colors. Some specially bred varieties can be gray, blue, lilac or merle. This is compared to Pugs who are mostly beige and Boston Terriers who are mainly black and white. Of course their trademark characteristic has to be their unmistakable large, pointy, bat-shaped ears.

French Bulldogs are loveable and loyal dogs that no matter the color all seem to share the same personalities; playful, lazy and mischievous. 

Although French Bulldogs, or as the owners call them, “Frenchies” need a lot of attention, they also sleep most of the day. The only catch to them sleeping everyday is that this sleep must be on their owner’s lap. 

Whether it’s not giving them much attention or not throwing their ball the correct way, French Bulldogs are easily annoyed if something does not go their way. If one is to do anything to offend these pooches, they will definitely know because of the major side eye they throw at you. 

It is very tempting to run over to a Frenchie to pet their cute faces, but one should be aware that they are very capable of tackling you to the ground out of excitement.

These dogs may seem small at first look, but in reality they are very muscle dense dogs which also makes them incapable of sleeping sideways in a normal fashion. Instead of arms touching each other as they are sideways, they stay straight out in front of them looking like a pig stuck on its side. 

When one stops to look at a French Bulldog with their cute ears and big eyes, they do not realize the unfortunate downfalls that owning one can lead to.

French Bulldogs can be very expensive dogs as they are prone to having many health problems. Ear infections, skin problems, and breathing problems are all the first thing Vets think of when someone brings up the French Bulldog. For this reason many owners choose to purchase health insurance.

Although Frenchies enjoy running around, the heat is not their friend. French Bulldogs can easily overheat, and their flat faces and small noses do not make their breathing any easier.

As an owner of this breed, one must always be sure to know their dog’s limitations when it comes to exercise. Running around with these dogs and exceeding their limits could cause harm to their bodies. 

This is why their main activity is sitting on their owner’s lap and going to sleep.

Although many people may confuse these dogs for Pugs, or even Boston Terriers, French Bulldogs are a unique breed that are affectionate towards their owners and are always ready for a marvelous game of fetch or cuddles on the couch.