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Seniors Get More “Space”

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Recently, as part of its construction, VHS made an addition to the senior parking lot.  Prior to the creation of this new space, not all seniors could park in the school’s parking due partly to a lack of spaces in the first place, but also  due to the construction taking up a large amount of room. Thus, students were left with the only other option: parking on Fairview, a busy avenue across the high school.

Students agree that there are plenty of parking spaces available now but some admit they are still late from lunch. Senior Natalie Hull says she “always cuts it short” before the bell rings.  The majority of students believe having the band hallway door open during the lunch hour would decrease their chances of being late. With harsh winter conditions approaching, this would be valuable to students.  But seniors Tyler Visentin and Travis Jocelyn recommend students just leave wherever they spend their lunch a couple minutes earlier to make it on time.

Mr. Lancaster confirms that no students have parked in the staff section of the parking lot since the extension. When spaces were limited, students would park in the staff section, in fear of being late. Asked if the new parking spaces would eliminate the issues with students being late to school, he said he believed the addition will help the issue but not end it. He also suggested students arrive about five minutes earlier to school to prevent being tardy. Furthermore, Mr. Lancaster is hopeful that the school will eventually assign students’ parking spaces. He believes designating spots simplifies everything and would make everyone’s lives easier.


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Seniors Get More “Space”