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One Thousand Cranes for Mrs. Clifford

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In response to the news that a beloved fifth grade middle school teacher, Mrs. Carol Clifford, had been diagnosed with leukemia, the middle school and high school united in action to create one thousand paper cranes.

Kimberly Horton, a sixth grade HBW student, was inspired by Eleanor Coerr’s novel Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes.  According to the ancient Japanese legend, anyone who folds one thousand paper cranes will be granted a wish by the gods. So, Kimberly then suggested that students of HBW should fold one thousand paper cranes and make a wish that Mrs. Clifford make a full and healthy recovery. The HBW part of the activity was coordinated by HB Whitehorne’s service-based club called the “Dream Team.” 

VHS then joined the middle school’s wish with the help of VHS teachers Betty Hou, Maria Benz, Jessica Calvo, Taylor DeMaio, Eugene Mordkovich, Jessica Schram, and Terry Sherman. As a part of “No Stress Week,” VHS students were able relax from studying for AP tests and work towards a great cause by helping fold paper cranes.

Students from both schools worked for a few weeks and finally accomplished folding one thousand paper cranes. The entire Verona academic community now waits for their wish to come true.

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One Thousand Cranes for Mrs. Clifford