Please Tell Your Parents to Vote Yes!

On Tuesday, November 5, 2019, Verona residents will take to the polls and vote not only for representatives of the state assembly, but also on a referendum that will help make crucial improvements to Verona Public Schools. 

This year’s referendum is a special one as it is a double referendum. The first referendum would fund repairs in all six schools in the district, including new roofs, updated playgrounds for the elementary schools, and updated locker rooms and athletic trainer rooms at HBW and VHS to name a few components. 

At VHS, it is common for students to walk into garbage pails while entering the school in the morning due to leaky roofs. The roofs at VHS have not been replaced in over twenty years and, as a result, even a little bit of rain causes the roofs to leak. In fact, tarps have been placed over parts of the roofs at VHS in order to stop water from leaking in. You can even click here to see the conditions of the roof at VHS after a day of rain.

Also at VHS, the locker rooms are severely outdated. Most lockers fail to lock and many are extremely damaged and dented. The bathroom sinks are leaky and there are holes in the wall that leak mysterious orange goop. In order for girls to access ice in the cramped athletic trainers room, they have to walk through boys changing in the locker room. Athletes who need to be taped only have three tables to sit on making it nearly impossible for them to make it to practice on time. If the referendum is approved, the athletic trainer room could be moved and made larger to increase accessibility for all student-athletes.

The second referendum would add air conditioning to the schools. At Verona High School, many classrooms do not have air conditioning. Classrooms are typically seven to eight degrees hotter than outside.  It is not uncommon on very hot days for students to experience a nearly 20 degree temperature change moving from room to room.  Air conditioning will only be added to schools if both referendums pass. Approval of the first referendum would cost each household an additional $14.50 a month or $174 a year and approval of both referendums would cost each household an additional $18 a month or $216 a year.

It is important for everyone to vote on this referendum to improve the learning experience of the many students attending school in Verona. To learn more about the improvements outlined in referendum that your parents should vote “yes” to in November, click here.