Student Council Members Attend Summit


 The VHS Student Council attended a summit at Caldwell High School on Wednesday, October 2.

At this summit, student council members from schools all over New Jersey met to discuss what their student council does, and how it can improve.

The members who represented Verona were President Christian Dionisio, Treasurer Clara Frizzi, Junior Class Vice President Sarah Cole, Junior Class Treasurere Steven Tafuri, and Junior Class Secretrary Trevor Spinelli.

Students were separated into groups to have the opportunity to speak with kids from all different schools.

 “It was great having the opportunity to speak with other schools and hear their great ideas to make our school a better place. We can’t wait to take these ideas and implement them into our school environment in our own way. This was also a great way to hear about how other schools fundraise, and run their own student bodies,” said Clara Frizzi.

Caldwell has been hosting this summit for three years, and it is a great bonding and learning experience. All of the student council members have an opportuntity to speak about what their school does best, what it needs to improve on, and what ideas they have for the future. This gives all of the other schools the opportunity to use the great ideas.

The VHS Student Council is excited to use these new resources and improve the school environment.