Santa Visits Hawkins School


Just before Christmas, the VHS Student Council went to Hawkins Elementary School and Salomé Ureña Elementary School in Newark to give presents to kids in need.

Every year around the holidays, it is great to see the Verona community donate presents and come together. This year, the student council was short of its goal by 400 presents just three days before the trip.  But the Verona community rallied and we ended up getting almost double what we needed. We were able to donate toys to other schools, and also save some for next year. 

With a trip this big, it is important to recognize all of the hard work that goes into it. Mr. Thai worked hard every single day organizing this trip. He labeled all of the bags, organized the presents until late at night, and put the whole trip together. Mr. Thai, along with Ms. Barone, constantly work hard for the student council, and should be acknowledged for their part in what a  huge success it is every year.

As a member of Student Council, who was able to participate in this event, I can say that this meaningful experience changed my perspective on everything. In these schools, children are not guaranteed to get a present, so we are able to change that. I saw how much getting a present meant to these kids and I thought about not just how lucky I am to live in a community like Verona, but what we can all do to help schools that do not have the same resources we do. When we go to the schools, every class gets greeted by Santa and opens their presents together. The children are so thankful, and seeing the looks on their faces is something I will never forget.

This experience is truly life changing.