Student Spotlight: Colleen Farrell

You may know VHS Junior Colleen Farrell as your classmate, your teammate, the boys’ basketball manager, VHS’s record-breaking track star, or just as the girl who knocked down the napkin dispenser during lunch freshman year.

What you may not know that as a junior Colleen suffers from Wanderlust. By definition Wanderlust is a strong desire for or impulse to travel and explore the world.

“I want to go all over the world pretty much, I want to get a feel for how people live ” Colleen said twirling a strand of her freshly cut chocolate bob with a far off look in her eyes, thinking of her future travels.

But since she’s “stuck here in Verona” in her time waiting to graduate and hopefully study abroad she enjoys running winter and spring track, and playing soccer in the fall. When she’s not at practice or with friends she is keeping her room meticulous. “It’s my mom’s favorite room in the house because it’s so clean.”

When asked about her dog, Rudy, Colleen smiled wide, “He was named after the football movie, it’s our family’s favorite.” Colleen has an older brother, Brian, a freshman basketball player at Scranton, and a younger brother, Jack, an eighth grader at H.B. Whitehorne Middle School. As the middle child and the only girl she says her parents treat her like “a princess” but she feels it is not undeserved.

Colleen describes herself as “an average Verona kid” but she is far from average. On varsity track she’s broken the records for the long jump relay and the 4×200 sprint medley, earned a spot on varsity soccer, maintains good grades, and still enjoys an active social life.

With college in mind Colleen wants to study to be a nurse and hopes to continue track after high school. “If I can go somewhere for track with a great nursing program and if it’s out of state, I’m set.”

A confession of love for actor Cam Gigandet leaves Colleen laughing and talking about his upcoming movie. She also confesses to an obsession with pondering the great unknown, “I’d go to space in a heartbeat,” she said in absolute certainty.

In the upcoming year Colleen is looking forward to breaking more records, saving up for her travels, and the unexpected. “I don’t know what is going to happen in the future, but I’m excited.”