Ms. Demaio



All through the halls at the beginning of the year you heard “maybe it’s his wife; no it’s his sister!” Well, it turns out new VHS English teacher Taylor DeMaio has no relation to the former English and Broadcast Journalism teacher Frank DeMaio.  They just coincidentally have the same name.

Ms. DeMaio grew up in Glen Rock, Bergen County, which she said is very similar to Verona. She moved from Sussex to Glen Rock on her seventh birthday and says jokingly “I still haven’t forgiven [my parents] for moving on my birthday.”

From a small town, Ms. DeMaio ended up at a big university – Penn State.  She was very active in the Penn State community and was part of a co-ed sorority/fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega. In this sorority/fraternity, they did community service around the campus. Ms. DeMaio recalls her favorite activity was “Friday Night Lights Out,” during which every other Friday night the sororities and fraternities would race around campus to see how many lights they could turn off. The idea behind it was to conserve as much energy as possible in an hour.

During her time at Penn State, Ms. DeMaio had an interesting opportunity to student teach in Sweden. She said the system was very different, and observed that not only are we behind them, but also the students get paid to go to school. She said that the theory behind paying the students is to lower the crime rate.  Since their high school is more like a vocational school, it is very hands-on. In Sweden they do not have the SATs; instead they do a final project.

“If they want to become a hair stylist, they cut and color their teacher’s hair,” Ms. DeMaio explained. They only have a few core classes then the rest of the day they spend practicing their trade.

It sometimes hard for us to believe that our teachers have a life outside of school, but in Ms. DeMaio’s case, it may be more exciting than ours. This past summer Ms. DeMaio went skydiving. She said that she was so terrified that the instructor had to push her out of the plane, but, once she jumped, she was able to see from New York City all the way down to Philadelphia.

“It was so beautiful! I plan on going again before November.” Not only has Ms. DeMaio been skydiving but she is also a seasoned fisherman. She has caught two sharks so far. Over the summer she goes to her lake house where she bare-foot water skis. And yes, Ms. DeMaio does have an Instagram.

Since Ms. DeMaio comes from a small town high school she was already familiar with the dynamic of VHS. She’s very excited for her Broadcast class and says “it’s very hectic right now, but once the ball gets rolling, it’s going to be a great class.”

If you happen to pass her in the halls, odds are she will be wearing an infinity symbol. She said that the symbol reminds her to be “eternally happy.” Ms. DeMaio believes everything happens for a reason and that she “doesn’t want to pass up an opportunity to have fun.”