A Quiet Senior Who Lets His Drums Do The Talking

Music is not what he does, but who he is. Eighteen year old senior Eric Foy not only spends hours each day practicing what he loves, but when he performs, he says, he leaves it all on the stage and the field, and regrets nothing.

Eric was born and raised in Verona, NJ where he grew up to love music and enjoy life.

He went to F.N Brown Elementary School along with his sister, Kelli, who is now a sophomore at Georgetown University.

While in elementary school, Eric made many good memories. Many of these memories came from one of his favorite teachers, Doc Segal. Eric liked him the most because he stood out from all the rest. To Eric, Doc was just a “cool dude”.

As Eric grew up, people were under the assumption that he was quiet and timid, but it turns out that he is quite the opposite. He is very outgoing and loves to have fun with his friends.

The band member and music enthusiast started playing drums when he was in third grade.  To this day, Eric plays in three bands and sings in another. He belongs to the Verona Marching Maroon and White Marching Band, the Verona Jazz Band, and Fill in the Blank. He also sings in the Banana Man’s Post Office Choir.

“Music comes easiest to me.” states Eric. He hopes to have a career in music one day, but knows it’s a hard industry to get into.

He recently applied to local schools like William Patterson and Caldwell University.

“I want to stay in Verona,” says Eric, “I like the air”. Not only does he think it’s a nice town, but Verona is where all of his best friends are, and where he made so many memories.

Eric says one of the hardest things to overcome in marching band was being a small sophomore trying to march while carrying 45 pound set of drums on a field. He worked hard, put in hours of practice, and now has no problem running with drums from one side of a football field to the other.

One of his best accomplishments was winning best all state drum line three out of the four years of his high school career.

Eric has many people he looks up to. His role model is his dad because of how hard working he is. Eric also looks up to his favorite musicians in the Foo Fighters and Queens of the Stone Age.

Asked the best gift he ever received, he pauses, laughs and says “the gift of life.” Although he says that jokingly, it is clear that Eric really has taken that gift seriously and made the most of it. He has accomplished many things before even graduating high school, and plans to keep working hard towards his dream of success.