Senior Artist Takes Her Talents to NYC

Ariane Duhaney.  Her VHS peers know her as a genuine person, a flawless artist and a fashion icon. Ariane’s personality is welcoming to all who talk to her, her art work is inspiring to anyone who lays eyes on it, and her fashion makes you want to shop from her closet.

In the fall, Ariane is taking these qualities out of our small town and into the Big Apple.

Ariane is headed off to Parsons The New School for Design in NYC where she will be majoring in fashion design for the next four years.  Ariane was choosing between different art schools but fell in love with Parsons because “it’s the second best art school in the country,” says Ariane. Not only did the fashion program catch her eye, but the city is where she feels she is meant to be.  Ariane explained that there are very few other places she could see herself.

Ariane’s, known for her stunning outfits, says she “loves art and fashion because it allows (her) to express (herself) and (her) ideas in different mediums.” Ariane feels that through other people Ariane can get ideas for fashion and vise versa.

Ariane has two plans for after college. Her first option for herself is to get a job as an assistant fashion designer and eventually work her way to the top and become head of designing. Secondly, she also would like to start her own line and company in the fashion industry. Ariane thinks that after college she would most likely love to stay in the city but if her “career took (her) to Europe or other countries (she) definitely wouldn’t turn down the opportunity.”

Wherever life takes her, I think everyone is excited to see what’s next for Ariane.