Megan McKeown’s Musical Side


From dance practice five times a week to Jazz Choir every Wednesday night, Verona High School senior Megan McKeown lives her busy life through the arts.

Megan discovered her passion for dance at just 3 years old. “My mom signed me up,” Megan recounts, “I immediately loved it.” She began with introductory classes, and later evolved into doing hip hop, modern dance, jazz, and ballet. Her favorite genre of dance is Hip-hop, which she has been pursuing for six years now. She and her dance company often perform at prestigious venues including Lincoln Center. They’ve also gone out of the U.S. to Spain, and even performed in London during the Olympics.

Megan recalls trying to get into sports, but nothing could compare to her connection with dance. “Softball, soccer, track, gymnastics, I tried everything,” Megan says.

She also participates in the VHS Vocal Jazz Ensemble, an audition-mandatory choral group. “It was a spur of the moment decision,” Megan explains, “It seemed really fun. When I got in I was excited, but I didn’t know how much I would end up loving it and how it became such a big part of my life.”

Whether it’s dancing at Danceworks Studio or singing at Jazz Choir rehearsal, Megan McKeown is always devoted to pursuing her creative dreams.