She Does More Than Sing the National Anthem


You might not know VHS senior, Dominique Marino, but you may have seen her before.  She’s the girl you have have probably listened to many times sing the national anthem at a sporting event or school event.

Singing is just one of Dominique’s many talents and hobbies.  She has also played the piano for eight years and performed at many piano recitals.

Since her freshman year, Dominique has been involved in numerous activities while taking on rigorous class schedules and maintaining a high GPA. She is involved in Student Council, Youth Group, Spanish Club, cheerleading, VHS Choir, Jazz Choir, Our Lady of the Lake Choir, Girls Learn International, Heroes and Cool Kids, Peer Leadership, Spanish Honors Society, and National Math Honor Society.

Looking back at high school, Dominique will always remember her AP Calculus class with Mr. Wertz because, “It was a challenging class that tied together both math and concepts in the real world. Also, Mr. Wertz has such passion for teaching and he is very accessible at any time in the day to help you.”

Outside of the classroom, she keeps herself very busy throughout the week and then, in her free time, she enjoys working out, writing, hanging out with her friends, attending church, and traveling. She has been fortunate enough to have spent time in countries including the Bahamas, Mexico, and Spain. Over the summer, she spent an unbelievable two weeks in Madrid, Spain with her Spanish class. During this trip she was also given the opportunity to go to Morocco, Africa for a day and even ride a camel!

Dominique explains that the hardest parts of senior year is, “stressing about knowing where to go for college, knowing that everything is your ‘last’ time doing something, and leaving all my relationships I formed in the high school behind.” However, she is looking forward to finding out where all of her friends will end up. Graduation season will also be very exciting because she and her friends have worked very hard these past four years.

Her source of motivation comes mostly from her mom because of her non-stop support. She also has a strong desire to challenge herself in every way possible because she wants to be successful when she is older. A few of the schools to which she will be applying to include Fordham, Villanova, and Boston College. She has big dreams to become a doctor and open up her own practice.

Dominique has three big tips for freshmen. First, get involved in everything possible and take classes that you know nothing about and know will be difficult. Then, work hard and challenge yourself in every way possible. Lastly, enjoy every moment of it because before you know it you will be graduation day.