New Staff Spotlight: Mr. Fry

This year VHS welcomes a new English teacher who is, well… English.

Mr. Laurence Fry, was born and raised in Surrey, England and will be teaching English III, as well as Theater Arts, and Journalism I.  He will also be the adviser of the Spotlight Players.

Mr. Fry has had teaching experience both here and in England. The education system in England differs immensely from that of the system enforced here in the U.S. He believes the U.S. schooling system “does not allow for people to be as creative as they should be” and that it is constantly changing. With his own ambitious means, Mr. Fry plans on challenging students and exposing them to new limits.

Asked his first impression of VHS, Mr. Fry replied by saying the school is “ambitious” as well as “forward-thinking.” He believes the students are friendly and get along nicely.

Mr. Fry came to the United States at the age of 25. He was influenced by many things before he came here. He originally came to the United States as a full-time rugby coach, which has been alongside his other professional experiences. Mr. Fry has worked as a journalist, magazine editor, and a graphic designer. Interestingly enough, he worked for Marvel as a prop maker and helped shape the idea for Thor’s Hammer. He then turned to film and theater production where he realized he enjoyed working with young people. His undergraduate degree was in theater and writing. As a call for more “mental stimulation,” Mr. Fry turned for his masters in teaching.

After wanting to explore new boundaries and pushing out of his comfort zone, he chose to teach in the U.S. versus his home country. Not only does he aim to challenge himself, he aspires to bring this attitude to his students.

If Mr. Fry’s face does not look familiar to you, that may be because he hasn’t actually started at VHS yet.  Some delays with his paper work mean his classes are currently being covered by other teachers in the English department until he gets the ok to begin teaching.  He is eager to take over his new duties.