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New to the Math Department: Ms. D.

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“Verona has been very welcoming to me,” says new VHS teacher Michelle DellaFortuna, known to her students as as Ms. D.

Ever since Ms. DellaFortuna was in high school, she had wanted to become a teacher. She was inspired by her high school geometry teacher who was “so caring and passionate about teaching mathematics. She sparked my interest in mathematics as a freshman in high school.”

Ms. D has been a teacher for the last eight years at Cranford High School. I asked her what she missed most about leaving her old high school, and she said, “The students. Due to my schedule, I had the opportunity to teach students for multiple years. This allowed me to create a strong positive rapport with my students. I got to see them grow over their high school years.”

She says the year has started well for her with the administration, teachers, and students. She also thinks that all of her students are kind, respectful, and allow her to enjoy teaching. Ms. DellaFortuna appreciates everyone who has helped her adjust to the new school.

Ms. DellaFortuna  who graduated from Penn State University now teaches College Algebra, PreCalculus, and Algebra 2 at VHS.

Ms. DellaFortuna has many passions and interests, besides teaching. She is a vegetarian, she is very passionate about fair treatment of animals. and she enjoys yoga. She has a pet dog named Dolce and her favorite music, she says, is “anything in the top 20.”  She says she went to “a bunch of Backstreet Boys concerts as a teenager” and as adult, has seen a few Maroon Five concerts.

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New to the Math Department: Ms. D.