Spring Break, baby!

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This year our spring break was cut two days short due to the multiple snow days we had. But that did not stop some teachers and students who already had vacations planned from traveling the world for that week.

Many students were not able to go away due to sports. Usually for the people back in Verona the weather is nice and mostly warm. This year it was the opposite. It snowed and the sun was not out much. Seeing all the people on their warm vacation made you really want to leave NJ and get some sun.

Senior Julianna Spina went to Riviera Maya, Mexico for six days.

“My favorite part about the trip was horseback riding through the jungle and seeing the beautiful scenery. The beach was also breathtaking with the clear blue ocean water and the villas looking out onto the water.”

Some teachers also went away to escape the weather. Mrs. Wallerstein was in England for the week.  Mr. White went to Estero Florida with his wife to visit her parents. He said the highlights were just being able to relax and read on the beach and spending a day out a friend’s boat.

Zoie Petronzo went to Punta Cana and caught some nice rays. While she was there she explored the beaches, got a tan, and made new friends.

“My favorite part was the view from the airplane. I looked down and saw the Island and it was the prettiest thing. All the blue ocean water and the green land looked so vibrant. I also had some amazing food that made the trip something to remember.” She said being away from the cold weather and escaping New Jersey is just what she needed.

Some students used spring break to visit  colleges. Among this group were Giulia Licitra and Jonathan Mottola who  went to visit Monmouth University where they will be attending this fall. While they were there they got to sit in on a class, meet new friends, and have an opportunity to talk to some professors.

Adrianna Fierro also took a trip to Sacred Heart University, which will be her new school in the fall. Since she is running track she got to meet the girls on the team and the coach. . “When I first walked into the school I knew it was for me and after making friends and meeting the track team I fell in love with the school. I cannot wait to go to college.”


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