Riggio Chooses Gettysburg for Football

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High school athletes strive to play at the next level. Whatever sport they play, athletes would love to have the opportunity to play in college. And for senior Nick Riggio, that dream has come true.

Riggio has wrestled and played football for more than 10 years and always dreamed of playing in college. When he was able to do so, he took the opportunity given to him. He is continuing as a student-athlete at Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania.

“I became interested in playing college football because of my love and passion for the sport. Also, I feel like football will help keep me on track with my work at college” Nick says.

Nick says he picked Gettysburg College because it “is a highly academic school with a good football team, and will get me on a path to a successful future.”

He is looking forward to many things at Gettysburg, but the thing he’s most excited about is playing against his older brother, who plays football at Muhlenberg College.