Jack McHugh and Karen Andre are Part of New Jersey’s Top Singing Group

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Karen Andre and Jack McHugh are now a part of the All-State Choir of New Jersey. The two students are a part of Verona High School’s Choir program but have gone far beyond the bounds of town. Jack and Karen competed against 250 other kids from around the state. A highly competitive choir, All-State stretches across New Jersey and performs at NJPAC once a year. The choir is about 125 kids who practice often and have a passion for singing. To prove how much they love singing, the students who compete for a spot must go through some arduous tasks gain a spot. 

To begin with, Jack and Karen had to sing high scales, low scales, and a choral selection. They further demonstrated their choral talents by demonstrating sight reading and tonal memory. The students had to look at sheet music, hear it played twice, and sing it back to judges- a rather difficult task.

Out of the six students from VHS who auditioned, Jack and Karen succeeded in their audition and made it into All-State. They are now on their way to working towards mastering difficult music and will be performing at NJPAC in the coming months. 

Both excited and nervous, the two young musicians are ready to sing as best they can with New Jersey’s top voices this school year.